i want to tell you a little story .

i had a dog when i was 4 years old named Sam ,  and he was my best friend , i loved him so much it would be really difficult for me to explain it, and from the moment we got him , he chose me as his owner . he followed me everywhere , he got so excited when i came home he’d almost turn himself inside out and i remember one day i went to the bank with Corey and when i went outside, Corey tried to walk off with him to see what he would do , and he wouldn’t move , he knew i was in there. and in the last few years of his life , it was very unusual to see us apart . i always took him for walks to the shop just to get him a little sausage for a treat . anyway as he got older , he started to lose his memory and then one night in the middle of a huge thunderstorm he became really frightened and got out of his run and ran away, he ended up at old ladys house and she took him in for the night and calmed him down and let him stay until the next day . Mum and i realised he was gone really early in the morning because he would hear us get up and sit and wait at the end of the run and we would see his beautiful little brown eyes through the long grass. we went looking straight away and i swear i never felt a bigger hole inside of me than i did then , i didn’t want to look because i was so scared i’d find him dead in a gutter or worse, not find him at all . later that day , to my best recollection , the lady bought him home to us and i’m still forever in that ladys debt because she’d saved not only my dog, but me too . Sam got out once again after that , but only got as far as the next street before the dog catcher bought him back . after that , we kept him inside because he was getting too old , scared and he was getting dementia . thankfully he never forgot who i was . i couldn’t thank that lady enough because if she didn’t let him in , something terrible could of happened to him and i would of lost him too early . 

i’ve seen storys of dogs getting out and then getting hit , getting in a storm drain and drowning , getting into the hands of the wrong people , all this and it breaks my heart . 

so this is WHY when i find a dog , i take it home with me, keep it safe until i find the owner because i want to prevent the dog from being hurt and the owner losing a friend . i know too well that sometimes they get out by accident , like Sam , and need a little help . My dad and other people always thought it was silly and always say “just let it go back where you found it, they’ll go home” , i’m sure they would even , but what if they were crossing the road right outside their house and got hit ? that’s not something i want to risk and it’s not taking much out of my day to help. i suppose it’s not the only reason why , i have a soft spot for dogs and all animals really , but my intentions are good and i just want to take them home safe , happy and well in hopes the owner will feel the happiness i felt when i had Sam returned to me.

that’s just my little story , all inspired by Sam and the dog i found last night , who’s at my house :) .

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I’m going to bury the past and love the fuck out of me this year , I’m going to be happier , healthier & stronger . I want to be proud of myself .

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